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Zymol wax contains no harsh petrochemical solvents, making it safe to apply on all paint finishes including brand new cars. Zymol has an extremely high Carnauba content (32 to 70%) and the Carnauba used is the very highest available grade - Brazilian No. 1 Yellow and White Carnauba. This gives both greater protection and increased depth of shine as compared with other products.

Zymol Waxes are true waxes, not polishes. They provide protection that polishes do not. Each wax, a unique formulation of nutritive oils and rare Brazilian Carnauba, is designed to protect your car while producing an ultra-brilliant, durable sheen. The waxes are actually "zymes" that turn into wax when exposed to air during application on your paint surface.

Zymol Waxes are available for every car finish. See our wax chart to select the correct wax for your needs. Other products in this section are Treat™ for leather, Vinyl™ for vinyl finishes and Seal™ for soft seals.

Wax Chart

Wax% of CarnaubaColour by volumeUse
Ebony38%90% White, 10% YellowBlack Cars
Rouge38%90% White, 10% YellowRed Cars
Creame33%100% YellowLight Cars
Carbon37%100% YellowDark Cars
Concours47%90% White, 10% YellowShow Cars
Destiny51%100% WhiteConcours
Titanium51%20% White, 80% YellowSUVs
Atlantique60%100% WhiteConcours+
Vintage61%100% WhiteConcours++
Detail38%100% YellowFlexible
Glasur56%100% YellowPorsche
Ital47%90% White, 10% SapItalian Cars

What is Carnauba?
Carnauba is a vegetable wax (fat) obtained from the leaves of the Carnauba Palm. Carnauba has an affinity to water, the ability to retain oil and has excellent gloss properties making it applicable in a vast variety of industries. Carnauba is widely used in cosmetics, particularly in stick applications. Carnauba is the hardest natural wax and has lustrous composition making it the leading choice for food coatings, pharmaceutical coatings and polishes. Number One Grade Carnauba varies from a very pale yellow (white), through a greenish brown (yellow). Carnauba is available in 'Lump', powered or flaked form.

Where does it come from?
Carnauba Wax is exuded by the leaves of the Brazilian "Tree of Life" (Copernica Cerifera) to conserve the moisture within the tree and leaves. This 'Carnauba Palm' grows in the northern and northeastern parts of Brazil along the river banks, valleys, and lagoons where the soil is dark and fertile.

Why does Zymol blend coconut and banana oils with it?
These natural oils are the necessary lubrication for spreading Zymol and serve as a moisture barrier on the paint preventing the paint from drying out and oxidizing. The oils also contribute to depth of shine by providing the fatty esters during the wax cure time.

Why Does Zymol Put An Enzyme In The Wax?
Propolis, derived from the thorax of bees, is the living enzyme culture in Zymol wax. Its function is to assure the Carnauba does not "bond" in the container. Only when oxygen (air) is introduced during application does the enzyme emollient (Zy-mol) actually become "wax" and start bonding to the car surface.

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