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"Good morning John. Just a quick note to let you know the 435 car cover arrived safely yesterday. Coincidentally, I washed the car yesterday afternoon, so after a period to let residual dampness dry out I fitted the cover. What a joy! It appears to be beautifully made and fits like the proverbial ‘glove’. A lovely product."
"Dear Fiona and John. Many thanks for the red handbag that has arrived in its immaculate packaging. It is very much appreciated and just what I was looking for. I am sorry that we were not able to make Beaulieu, however, with a bit of luck John and I are going to the Italian event at Goodwood in October. If we do, I look forward to meeting you there. Best wishes for now and thank you again."
AP, Sussex
"I am writing to say thank for the absolutely wonderful job you did in preparing my GT-R prior to collection.
I picked up the GT-R up on Thursday afternoon and it looked absolutely stunning! It created quite a stir at the dealership,as all the dealership employees were saying how it was the very best looking black GT-R they had delivered-all that time and effort on your part definitely paid off. I truly could not have been happier.
I drove the car 700 miles on Sunday through the very worst weather - gale force winds and driving rain pretty much all the way and the car still looks fantastic! The Zymol wax has certainly done its job"
"We are both so impressed with all your work you did on the cars, so many people have commented on them and can't believe the shine on them, so we are spreading the word for you.
Went to the Dealership... Mathew the salesman was very impressed with the job you did on the Z4, couldn't believe it, best detail he has seen in ten years in business. Waxed the car again today and you'll be proud of us as we put the wax on with our hands, much better job, thanks for all the tips."
"I would like to say how pleased I am with my Audi, being in the trade and with access to a body shop I thought you could not get paintwork any better, however after you finished my 'pride and joy' there was a significant improvement, and what a finish the car has now. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who takes pride in there car to have your treatment done, as I cant speak highly enough about your service."
GF, Ipswich
"Just wanted to say a quick thank you for cleaning my Integra last weekend. I'm really pleased with the results and missing the car already - I'm looking forward to going back home as soon as possible so I can enjoy it. I wanted to thank you too for your honest advice on products and maintaining the finish on my car. It was very helpful and a breath of fresh air compared to many businesses these days, so thank you."
"I just want to say that since becoming an authorised Zymöl Reseller and Detailer in 1999 you have very kindly looked after at least five vehicles belonging to Ann and myself, these have always been kept by you to an extremely high standard bringing many complimentary comments from our neighbours - not least comments on how hard you work!
Also you have prepared and maintained two GRP boats to the same very high standard of finish, again using Zymöl products, in fact after one "clean" by you my neighbour in the next berth to me thought I had changed by boat as it looked so shiny.
For all of this we thank you and look forward to you continuing this excellent service well into the future.".
CD, Lymington
"I hope this doesn’t embarrass you but I wanted to express our gratitude to you for the fabulous job you do for us.
You have now been "looking after" our small collection for 4 years, from the ‘everyday’ cars to the older classics. When we first met at Brands Hatch, we bought in to the Zymol "Vintage2 package largely because of the obvious quality of the product that you demonstrated to us and also your reputation as a top concourse winner.
My original intention was to be actively involved with all the processes but our life-styles simply do not allow this at present, but the standard of your work, carried out twice a year, provides me with a new car every time I simply wash it. When we traded in the Mini Cooper S, the dealer was hugely impressed, both inside and out, and that was one of the ‘everyday’ cars. Zymol is clearly a fabulous product and its various stages of application are simple to master and produce an astounding result every time. We always provide you with something very dirty and you always return it to us glitteringly and deeply beautiful. Thank you so much for your care and attention to every detail. You know how important that is to us."
JS, Oxford
"Many thanks for your excellent work on both cars."
RT, Lymington
"Thank you very much indeed for coming down today and doing such an excellent job on my cars, they both look absolutely fantastic. Thanks again and I hope to see you soon."
"Thank you so much for spending the day here and making my lovely car even
more beautiful. You are a real gentleman and a professional. It was a pleasure to meet you and chat with you."

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